What are you doing this Christmas to help homeless youth?


What I would like to do....

....I would like to take a child to church with me on Saturday evenings at 6 pm in Trenton at Southpoint Christian Community Church, then to dinner after with my family. I would like to be involved with that child at least once a week to mentor, even to go to a movie or just hang out. I am a State Trooper and tried to help out a young man a while back that was staying at Covenant House when Ms. Johnson was running the program. He went back to the streets and hasn't been heard from since. Please connect me with a child, a minor child possibly or at least one that is still in high school trying to make it on their own. I have a 13 year old daughter who is a grade A student so its ok if its a young lady or a young man as she would like to be involved as well. I would like to help that child so that child knows someone cares and that someone, me and my family, will be there for them when they need us, outside of the wonderful staff you have there. Let me know if this is possible. Thank you.

Mark A. Miller
Work phone-313-456-6600
Michigan State Police Detroit Post