Touched by homelessness?



I was first homeless with my family before I could reach ten years old. That made my older brother about eleven, my middle brother between six and seven, and my baby brother between four and five. It was hard. We slept anywhere. It was a wonder we didn't get caught, 'cause it was four of us and they could've took us away.
I have a friend as of right now who's homeless. It breaks my heart that she house hops, and even sleeps in her car sometimes. I remember being there, and so I've helped her so much. I understand what it's like to be there. And she's 24, but in many ways she's not ready for this world. She struggles so much out here on her own.


This is late, a few years late....just found this today 12~20~2012. When I read the many letters out there today about homelessness I just tear up. It hurts me deeply as I know my Lord looks down with tears rolling down his face on all the sadness in the world. I too in my childhood was homeless and roamed the streets of Grand Rapids scared, hungry and so so tired, not to mention the physical sicknesses that come from all of this. I'm 51 now and it was so long ago but I can remember the hurt in my tummy, and fear that flooded my spirit and soul, and the time I passed out in a snowbank sick, hungry, tired and delusional. As I was taken in by a pimp who brought me to his drunkard Aunt and Uncle's house I was greatful but I had no idea of what would be expected of me and what would soon become another nightmare in the many stories I can share. Please, know I am here praying for each homeless, hurting person. I have raised 4 children mostly on my own and one of them is mentally ill and suffers a great deal of inner torment so he has turned to the bottle of alcohol. He has been on the streets and slept from home to home of his own choice. He has had some serious run-ins with the law and jailed about 5x now from sexually harassment to 13-14 yr. olds to drunk driving....so on. My homelessness was of my parents doing...they were sent to prison so on....I had no where to go and family memebers couldn't or wouldn't take in another mouth to feed. My son puts himself out on the streets because he is mentally ill. There is many reasons to why someone becomes homeless and society needs to find better ways to help these hurting souls. I am praying and you pray too....I know they work. Phy, I do pray things are looking up more in the coming years.....and I do pray that your friend has gotten off the streets by now. If not comment again on this site and maybe I can talk to Pastor to get her some help. Is best I can offer at this point but I will always be thinking on how to help ppl...Agape' through Christ. Nikkita


Homelessness can be caused my many reasons, and more than often a child or children can be involved. There is nothing worse than loosing someone or being homeless and having family that is supposed to have your back turn on you when you need help. With that being said I have experienced this my story is that I'm married and my husband decided he didn't want to be with me any longer and stop paying the rent and moved all his things out day by day when I would be at work. The day came and I was more exposed than finding dirty laundry on the ground. He knew that I couldn't afford the rent and he didn't care at all. Thank GOD that we don't have any children together, that would have made things worse. But there is this anxious feeling that you get when you know the day is coming to becoming evicted, you are nervous and jittery all the time. The day finally came and I felt a slight of relief for some odd reason. I put my trust in the LORD, and I knew that he would get me through all my troubles. So I picked up what I could and just wept and wept and I drove to my mother's house. She felt so bad for me, and I just became apologetic that I had to be here and at that time our relationship wasn't all that strong so I had doubts. As time went on my mother and I's relationship became stronger and stronger. I got saved and opened her home to the more positive things to life. We love each other so very much. So everyday and every night I pray to GOD, and he helped me through my struggle and I am more stronger that I was before. Always remember GOD is not going to put more on you than what you can handle. The rough times in life is to only grow closer to him and put all your trust in him and he will lead you to a life that you didn't know that you can ever lead. GOD has truly blessed this home he blessed be to continue with my job and I am able to keep the notes up to day on my vehicle and I know there's more to come but for now I'm waiting patiently on the lord for the other things he has for me. This life is nothing compared to what he has prepared for you in Heaven. So trust more, believe, and he will see you through your storm I pray for you and I love you keep your head up I am praying for you and others in situations like ours


MZ. Lindsey