Do you care about homeless kids?


Covenant House Helping

Thank you Covenant House people for all your hard work. May God Bless you in your work and God Bless the youth that you help every day!

With all my heart

There should not be an instance where kids arent able to have the full suport they deserve, I care 100%.


I care about homeless kids

My heart breaks with every story I hear about these homeless children who are at such a vulnerable time in their lives, when so many feel so misunderstood. I thank God for Covenant House and all that is done to help these young adults overcome some major obstacles in their lives and help them make good decisions that will put them on the road to a happy, successful and rewarding life.

yes indeed

i was a homeless youth......society treats them like trash, but our God is a dumpster diver.....and thanks to places like this our youth can get a hand up and some unconditional love


So many people think about homeless kids. But the problem is that no body want to help them. So meaningful care is when they get proper help.

Yup I do....

According to me there shouldn't be such a term called Homeless Kids. This thing should be extinguished. And we can do that by adopting the kids. Homeless kids lead to crime and poverty so adopting them gradually increases our countries stats also.

We Better

Seems like a retorical question. Who in their right mind would say they did not care about homeless kids. We need to and we better.


I was at cov

i was at the cov these people put there heart and soul in to helping the homeless and they really do help you and and when you come in there you have hope again and love and they are safe again thank you for all people puting heart in to the cov

from erin martin

I was Also At The Cov

I've come very far since then.... Thank you for all of the Morals, Values, And Lessons you taught me!!!

homeless kids?

The Person who is having lot of money should take care of homeless kids


I don't have A LOT OF MONEY but I would be glad to help out with a homeless kid for an extended period of time to make sure that child makes it to adulthood where they can make it on their own and do VERY well for themselves.

Of course kids don't choose

Of course kids don't choose to be put in the situations there in, everyone needs somebody .

Well, duh!

Of course! Doesn't everybody!?
- Stefani